Welcome to SEGH

  SEGH was established in 1971 to provide a forum for scientists to work together in understanding the interaction between the geochemical environment and the health of plants, animals, and humans. We recognise the importance of interdisciplinary research, our members represent expertise in a diverse range of scientific fields, such as biology, engineering, geology, hydrology, epidemiology, chemistry, medicine, nutrition, and toxicology. 

Meet the Board


Dr Michael Watts - British Geological Survey, UK


Dr Gillian Gibson - GBGibson Consulting, UK

Membership Secretary/Treasurer

Mrs Anthea Brown -  Rt. British Geological Survey, UK


Dr Olivier Humphrey- British Geological Survey, UK

African Chair

Prof. Odipo Osano (Kenya)

Prof. Akinade Olatunji (Nigeria)

Prof. Kenneth Maseka (Zambia)

Americas Chair

Dr Keith Torrance (USA)

Dr Ofelia Morton-Bermea (Mexico)

Asia/Pacific Chair

Prof. Taicheng An (China)

Prof. Xia Huo (China)

Dr Munir Zia (Pakistan)

Dr Kosei Yamaguchi (Japan)

European Chair

Dr Ariadne Argyraki (Greece)

Dr Paula Marinho-Reis (Portugal)

Dr Sanja Potgieter-Vermaak (UK)

Additional Partners


Geological Society of America

China-Ireland Consortium