Early Career Researchers

What is an Early Career Researcher?

We use a fairly loose definition of  early career researcher (ECR) as an undergraduate or postgraduate (Masters/PhD) student or a scientist who has received their highest degree (BSc, MSc, or PhD) within the past five years. 

The societies ECR mentoring programme was launched at the SEGH annual international meeting, at SEGH2018 Victoria Falls, Zambia. SEGH is seeking to invest in its future members, helping ECR and other scientists develop their career. Such investment in future members has normally been done through meetings. Social events build and refresh networks and friendships, enabling students and early career researchers to forge a sense of community and to return to SEGH in future years. SEGH also operates a mentoring scheme which will focus on enabling ECRs to gain from the experience of longstanding members and SEGH Fellows.


Why join?

- An opportunity for personal and professional growth

- Supportive access to senior colleagues within SEGH for careers, specific scientific or relevant teaching and learning support and advice

- Free attendance to the ECR networking lunchons at annual conferences

- Enhanced networking opportunities

- Enhance opportunities to peer-review for the societies journal Environmental Geochemistry and Health (Impact factor 3.252)


SEGH offers awards to ECRs each year during the annual SEGH Conference. These include the awards for the best Oral and Poster presentation with a monetary prize awarded by Spinger.

How to join?

- Joining is simple. Be one of the first 20 ECRs to register for the annual conference.

- You will receive an email in advance of the conference confirming if you are one of the first 20 ECRs to register for that year’s cohort. Then simply make sure you attend the ECR lunch where that year’s cohort will get to know each other.

- Alternatively, if you would like to join the ECR mentoring program but are unable to attend the annual conference please email us for more information.

Join the ECR program

If you would like to join the ECR mentoring program, either as a mentee or mentor please get in contact for more information.